3 Surefire Ways to Promote Your Lodge or Cabin

Written by TLN Team
October 3, 2018

Here at The Lodging Network, we're all about promoting lodges and cabins. That's why we've made it our beeswax to share with you our internet marketing expertise, and keep you in the loop so you know what to do, and what to avoid.

So what are some of the proven, new ways to market your property? We're glad you asked! Whether you're just starting out, or been in business for decades, these proven online marketing strategies will help you grow your business consistently, and without spending a fortune.

Blog Regularly

It's no secret that your website is the hub of your business. Travelers visit your site to learn more about your property, get answers to their questions, as well as to make travel plans.

Your website should, at a minimum, list your rates, describe the area near your property, highlight all amenities, and provide detailed contact information. However, it's important to keep working on your site in order to maintain interest, and grow your traffic over time. Remember that before anyone books your lodge or cabin, they'll want to check out your site several times.

Blogging is a surefire way to generate interest, keep visitors coming back, and boost your search engine rankings. You can always draw a crowd by posting pictures of your property, surrounding landscape, and fauna.

When writing a blog, analyze keywords used by competitors, then see if you can incorporate similar sounding phrases that they're not using. However, remember to use these keywords sparingly, because your site's rankings depend largely on the quality of your content.

Lastly, blog regularly and on schedule to ensure your readers stay active. If they keep coming back, they might just decide to book their stay.

Be More Social

Social media is all the rage, and for a reason. Travelers want to get to know you, your property, and what you're all about. Having a strong presence on the major social media platforms is key to building and maintaining these relationships, and growing your audience.

First, it's important to determine what your business should sound like on social media, and remain consistent. It seems easy enough, but more often that not, we see business profiles that lack a clear voice, or a consistent personality.

Once you've determined your style, it's time to get to work. Boost brand awareness by posting regularly, replying to questions, and engaging one-on-one with your audience. Catchy visuals, such as striking scenery pictures, can go a long way to getting you noticed, especially on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Track your efforts using the metric tools provided by these platforms, and adjust your tweets and posts accordingly. Simply put, when you find a recipe that works, stick with it.

Get Listed Everywhere!

In this day and age, having a strong digital presence is absolutely vital to the continued success of your business. Moreover, putting your name out there improves brand awareness and builds trust, which in turn increases bookings. That's why, we recommend adding your property to as many relevant directories as you can.

Find a Lodge™ for instance, is a unique travel guide that features properties throughout North America, as well as lodging deals and cancellation trips. If you haven't already, we invite you to list your property today.

Listings include a full-length business description, up to 20 pictures, a slideshow, and much more. And when you sign up, our writers will create a unique, keyword-rich business description free of charge. Right now, you can even save 20% when you use promo code "TLN20".

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